The experience at Grosz farm was overwhelming

"The experience at Grosz farm was overwhelming"…said Jacob. Jacob came to visit Grosz farm-organica in the early days of March 2019. before covid-19 stopped the world from traveling and meeting new people. Jacob came with A group of 35 Christian-Americans who traveled through Israel's unique places.

Grosz farm – Organica is right in the middle of the road from the sea of Galili to the holy city of Jerusalem. the road is beautiful, full of brown and green mountains. The long ridge of Samaria is escorting the bus all the way letting you know you are on the right path.

when you get to the farm, you instantly get the lemongrass and Oregano aroma to cover you so freshly.

Liron, the general manager, loves the herbs and the land so much as if they were his children. he explained with details about each plant and we had the chance to taste them right from the soil. it was so powerful and stimulating.

"It is intense and uplifting, it is nature at its best and I'm very much recommending to go to visit Liron at Grosz farm-organica".

Listen to what Jacob said. come to visit on your next trip to Israel. 

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