Love the land through agriculture education and community

At Grosz farm, we take pride in promoting the values of loving the land and sustainable agriculture. We believe that it is our responsibility to generate knowledge and positive experience in the younger generation so when they will be older, they will have the tools and passion for our planet, animals, and environment.
It was our honor to host and educate the young boys from HEMDAT YEHUDA pre-army high school for boys. Where they learn the bible (TORA) and values, and the importance of friendship and community. The boys volunteered to help us harvest the fresh Oregano and Hyssop on the farm. It was such a blessing.
Liron was their agriculture teacher for the day. He explained the plants and soil, the importance of agriculture from the ecological perspective, and the benefits of each plant.
The boys loved it.
If you would like to volunteer on our farm and have the best experience ever, just contact us.


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