BesTea @ sial 2012 paris – Global Food Marketplace Exhibition

The world’s no. 1 food exhibition in Paris, from 21 to 25 October 2012. the taste of ISRAEL.

Grosz farm – Organica is the manufacturer of 'BesTea'.

'BesTea' is a 100% organic soft drink, manufactured only from our organic herbs with no added flavors or colors. 

'BesTea' is currently presented in 4 different flavors. Light 'BesTea' is the 'NO sugar' version.

WHITE LABEL – If you are an organic food & beverages supplier/agent/distributor we can personalize this product to your label. 

Custom product – 'BesTea' is manufactured in 3 different sizes. 330ml, 500ml, 1lit. we can customize the bottle you need due to the fact we have a flexible production line that can manufacture 500,000 bottles per month.

Premium quality product – As we are the manufacturer and the herbs grower we can assure our customers with a top-quality product.

for any additional info drop us a message …

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